Art. Promotion. Display. Sculpture. Murals. Products. Multi-media.

Art. Promotion. Display. Sculpture. Murals. Products. Multi-media.

popquad is the first in a series of spaces which will be available for multimedia displays and promotions for products, art, sculpture, brands and community.

PopQuad is like nothing else before it. Hybrid sites which are available as a blank canvas to
create an exciting and ever-changing visual feast.

  • It could be a single product such as Formula 1 racing car in a dramatically lit glass box.
  • It could be a colourful mural sponsored by a brand to brighten your day.
  • It could be an interactive performance space where the audience is transient and fleeting.
  • It could be a sculpture which interprets, frames and promotes the launch of a new product.

It has never been done before so it could be anything.

A three dimensional space where anything is possible.

Never before has a space been available for artistic and creative people to be unleashed from the traditional forms of advertising and promotions.

With a flexible use permit for the sites all located in high traffic areas, a potential has been unlocked for something truly exciting and innovative.