The Sites

The land measures about 880m2 with a 40 metre frontage to Punt Rd.

There is a vehicle crossover in the NW corner for service and set up vehicles to work at the site without disrupting traffic.

A terraced area surfaced with granitic sand provides the blank stage on the front part of the site where the installations can be placed. A fence runs down the middle of the site to provide a “back of house” storage area.

Power is provided for lighting of installations.

Vehicles travelling Northbound down the hill are the focus as traffic grinds to a standstill at each change of lights at Alexandra Avenue. There is plenty of time for motorists to view the displays.

Planning controls allow signage up to 2 metres square to be incorporated into any installation.

This site offers a highly unusual and unexpected opportunity which has the potential to make a much larger impact than a billboard of similar size. The subtle branding requirement and the artistic opportunity the site presents means that the installations are not going to be subconsciously filtered out as advertisments.

A small 2msq branded sign provides a marker of which company has sponsored the display, but creative people will have to work harder to provide something more interactive, artistic and less “in your face” than a billboard. The end result is a new form of promotion that crosses seamlessly between advertising, art, design, branding, display, architecture and sculpture.

Viewers have a quality experience from the comfort of their own cars, providing entertainment at a time of frustration stuck in traffic on Punt Rd.

The consumers are the winners as they interact with a display that has been designed to entertain and engage.

And the brands will also win as they find their audience appreciating the subtle branding which underpins a much larger three dimensional promotional display.

All requisite permits have been obtained for almost any type of installation on the site.

All you need now is for the creatives to work their magic